About Designated Drivers Inc

Designated Drivers Inc was created out of the growing need for people that wanted an alternative to driving home safely with their vehicles. We have been providing Safe Rides to our customers for almost 20 years.

Our company fills this void by offering trained, licensed and professional drivers you can trust to transport you in your own vehicle to your requested destination. We hire drivers with integrity and they are drivers you can trust.

We are not limited to Rescue Rides, Designated Drivers Inc Also provides the following services:

  • Medical Rides for customers that have medical outpatient procedures for which  we are insured and approved by medical and dental surgery centers.
  • We are on retainer by Corporations, Restaurants and Casino’s that want to offer our services to their employees and customers.
  • We offer Personal Drivers for customers that own their own luxury vehicle and are looking for a chauffeur service.

We know that if you are unable to drive yourself home and need a ride, there are many available options!

But if you need to have your car then there is only one option that doesn’t cause you to inconvenience your friend’s friends or wake up a loved one in the middle of the night. Designated Drivers Inc is that option!

Be a responsible drinker and call a safe and responsible driver. Designated Drivers is ready to serve you 24/7